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Alex Rezvov

Software Development Organizer

My name is Alex Rezvov. I help organize software development by your own efforts, by the efforts of development companies or by attracting freelancers.

In addition, I can assess the cost of implementing your idea, choose technologies and development methodologies, and monitor implementation.

I will help

Estimate the budget and duration of the project

I will evaluate the budget framework and timelines for your project, the risks and opportunities.

Choose development technologies

I will indicate the most appropriate development technologies for your project, indicating the advantages and disadvantages.

Form a development team

Based on your conditions, I will help to form a development team from internal or external resources.

Control contractors

I will conduct an audit of the quality of work of your contractors. I will evaluate the feasibility of meeting the stated deadlines and scope of work.

I am able

Software Development Project Management
Quality management
Product management
People Management
Software architecture design
HR branding

  • Formation of development teams, team management, team development.
  • Organization of development according to various methodologies: Agile Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, WaterScrumFall.
  • Organization of requirements management: processes of business and system analysis, validation of requirements, acceptance of requirements.
  • Organization of processes for ensuring the quality of software products: verification (testing), validation, processes from the standards of the ISO 9000 family.
  • Organization of product launch and support processes, including organization of support services, implementation of DevOps, continuous integration / continuous deployment (CI / CD) systems.
  • Organization of product management: product life cycle processes (LifeCycle Management), implementation of the Stage-Gate concept in these processes.
  • Budgeting of development by departments / projects.
  • Project management of software product development.
  • Organization of training processes, mentoring, internship programs for various specialties, grades of specialists in software development.
  • Software architecture design.
  • Designing API for software products.
  • Software Product Development.
  • Development of technical and design documentation.


  • Experience in direct software development 10 years.
  • Software architecture design experience 8 years.
  • Experience in forming software development teams 10 years.
  • Software products developed over 50.
  • Estimated budgets and terms over 500.
  • Interviews conducted over 2000.

I’ll tell you more about my experience in the context of your task. Upon request, I will provide a summary, recommendations or contacts of customers.


If you have a question or task in any way related to software development, contact me. If I am not able to help with the decision, then I will recommend those who can.

  • +7 812 981 08 93
  • mail@rezvov.com
  • @arezvov
  • aleksey.rezvov
  • 190020, Liflyandskaya 3,
    St. Petersburg, Russia